Eohippus the Dawn Pony


Before there were horses, zebras, or those goddamn ponies, there was Eohippus, or “Dawn Horse”. This little critter, who lived around 10 million years after the non-avian dinosaurs became extinct, was for a long time sorted into the genus Hyracotherium as a junior synonym (much as Brontosaurus was sorted into Apatosaurus), but apparently it’s classified as a distinct genus again. So just like ol’ Brontosaurus, Eohippus is back in the house of scientific nomenclature! The name certainly sounds more poetic to me than Hyracotherium anyway.

As you can guess, my Eohippus’s color pattern mixes influences from the modern zebra and a Central African jungle antelope known as the bongo. They were actually found in North America, but I felt an African-influenced color scheme fit their tropical habitat better.

What did you think?

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