Jamba the Elephant Queen

Jamba the Elephant Queen

Sometime in the near future, Queen Jamba must defend her remote African kingdom from an invasion of US Marines orchestrated by rogue President Clinton Trump. They may have guns, tanks, and choppers, but then she has intimate knowledge of the terrain and a thriving elephant population at her command.

This was designed to look like those pulpy old “Jungle Comics” covers with Tarzan-influenced heroes fighting hostile wildlife and other perils in the African wilds. As worthy of wincing as the unsubtle racism in those comic covers could be, you have to admire the brazen over-the-top spirit of adventure they evoked.

I should emphasize that the scenario illustrated here takes place sometime in the future, so the Marines being rightfully terrorized here aren’t necessarily the current generation who might be reading this. I know our armed forces are necessary for national security and am thankful for that, but I chose US Marines as the antagonists because you never see them as the bad guys in movies. Usually it’s either Germans, Russians, Islamic terrorists and other Third World troublemakers, or generic criminals. I thought making our own forces the imperialistic antagonists (albeit at the behest of a corrupt President) would be a welcome change of pace.


What did you think?

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