Omo I in Life

Omo I in Life

This is my artistic reconstruction of an early Homo sapiens individual named Omo I. This specimen’s remains, which have been dated to around 130,000 years ago, were found by Richard Leakey’s team near the Omo River in southwestern Ethiopia. They show a mix of anatomically modern and so-called “archaic” features, by Omo I is nonetheless regarded as firmly within the modern human species.

I don’t know if the fragmentary skull Leakey et al found was ever sexed, but being the fan of scantily clad tribal chicks that I am, I went for a female portrayal. Nonetheless I can’t help but think she came out looking a little “masculine” (maybe it’s the jawline). Nonetheless, I still believe there were hot early Homo sapiens out there at this time period.

Here are the Omo I skull remains for reference (blue is reconstructed, dark brown is authentic fossil).

What did you think?

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