Takhaet the Egyptian Soldier

Takhaet the Egyptian Soldier

Takhaet comes from a lineage of professional soldiers who have fought for Egypt since the rise of the New Kingdom, a family inheritance she takes much pride in. She herself has earned many golden fly medallions in honor of her skill and courage in service of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. She credits much of her success, and that of her forebears, to the divine aid of the lion-masked goddess Sekhmet. But when Amenhotep’s spoiled and power-hungry son Akhenaten takes the throne, declaring himself the leader of a new religion under his god Aten, Takhaet must defend her family’s traditions and her orphaned niece Nebet from the upstart Pharaoh’s persecutions.

Takhaet is the heroine of a short story I recently finished titled The Battle Roar of Sekhmet, which is about her struggle to protect her beliefs and her niece. Its first draft is about 3800 words long and is undergoing review as I type this. As for Takhaet’s upper garment here, it’s supposed to be some kind of linen undershirt. I think undershirts look badass on both men and women, and I didn’t want every female character of mine to have a simple brassiere.


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