Primal Confrontation

Primal Confrontation

This prehistoric chick and her tame raptor have chosen to stand their ground (or rather tree bough) in the face of this territorial Tyrannosaurus rex.

This is the product not only of half a day’s hard work at the desktop and tablet, but also playing three hours of Far Cry: Primal. I’m not very far into the game; I’ve just gone through the “vision quest” level with the shaman Tensay, but so far I love the game’s world-building and setting design. On the other hand, I wish the Neanderthals (called “Udam” in the game) would be portrayed as more than one-dimensionally savage man-eaters, and the fact that you actually have to gather resources from the environment in order to build your weapons is a mechanic I am still getting used to. You can scavenge some of those resources from Neanderthals you kill, but damn, I wish you could also take their spears and arrows wholesale to save you some trouble.


What did you think?

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