Ancient Atlantic

Ancient Atlantic

I made this little map for a small writing project of mine, which has Native American hunter-gatherers from the western Great Plains fall via spacetime warp into West Africa. It’ll be my subversion of the whole “Old and New World meeting before Columbus” trope that has inspired a few crackpot historical speculations. They seem to be preoccupied with other cultures discovering the Americas before Columbus or the Norse, but you almost never hear them claim travel in the opposite direction (in other words, Native Americans discovering the Old World rather than vice versa).

In this story’s timeline, “Atlantis” is the pre-Columbian name for the Americas, which would make the Native Americans simply “Atlanteans” (hey, it takes only one word to say and it doesn’t confuse them with the people of India). Kemet on the other hand is what the ancient Egyptians called their country, and the Mande are the West African people my “Atlantean” characters meet. Descendants of the Mande would later found the empires of Ghana/Wagadou and Mali which would dominate the West African region.


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