Eli and the Djinn of the Bong

Eli and the Djinn of the Bong

Eli, a down-on-his-luck seller of used carpets from ancient Israel, has recovered an enchanted bong wherein lives a djinn (or genie) that can lift him out of his misery. Or ground him deeper into it. Who knows what this being of smokeless fire can do for—or to—him?

Yes, bongs do go far back into ancient times. For example, we know from archaeological digs that the Scythians were using them 2,400 years ago, and the smoking of cannabis itself goes back to the third millennium BC at least. So it’s conceivable to me that ancient Israelites would have been familiar with cannabis products and/or bongs.

Earlier design of Eli, this time trying to sell his carpets (and failing) to an Egyptian maiden below:

Eli the Used Carpet Salesman


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