The Zannanza Affair

The Zannanza Affair

The incident known as the “Zannanza Affair” took place shortly after the death of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun. His widow, Queen Ankhesenamun, sent a request to the Hittite king for his son Zannanza’s hand in marriage, but he died en route for mysterious reasons. Odds are his death may have been orchestrated by an official named Ay, who would take on the throne after Tut’s departure.

I designed this piece of art to look like the poster of an old-fashioned 1950s movie in the “ancient historical” genre of Ten Commandments or Ben-Hur. The actors are all fictional but inspired by real ones from that period. In retrospect, I probably should have cast a Middle Eastern actor like “Umar Shareef” as the Hittite prince Zannanza, but since the Hittite culture was Indo-European rather than Semitic in origin, I wouldn’t totally rule out the possibility of a blond Zannanza yet.


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