Brianna the Dragonslayer

Brianna the Dragonslayer

Whenever the wicked plea mercy from Purgatory, the Devil grants them immortality as Dragons. Whenever the righteous plea to save their loved ones, the Devil grants them immortality as Dragonslayers.

And so here’s my concept for a Gothic-styled, immortal monster-slayer named Brianna. She entered her line of work as part of a Faustian bargain with the Devil to save her boyfriend’s life, and has wandered the earth hunting down dragons ever since. In this world, dragons are what happen to bad souls who want to buy off their Purgatory in the afterlife. They must maintain their immortality through eating the flesh of the living, and they must avoid being slain lest they end back in Purgatory where they belong. You could say dragon-slayers like Brianna are the biggest catch in the Devil’s deals with sinners, as well as a necessary force in protecting humanity from dragons’ depredations.

The typeface used for her title is called “Evanescent” and is based off that of the band Evanescence. Not only did I feel it added to the “Gothic” theme of this character, but I came up with the character in the first place while listening to their song “Bring Me to Life”.

(I’m not at all religious by the way, but I see all mythology as fair game for fiction.)


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