Shivering in Captivity

Shivering in Captivity

Back in the tropical country from whence they came, they would have kept their distance from each other. But now that they’ve been thrown into the captivity of an inhumane zoo, this woman has formed an unlikely bond with the Stegosaurus with whom she shares a frigid cage.

Apologies for the dour mood of this piece, but it was inspired by the old-time phenomenon of the “human zoo” where humans from across the non-Western world would be displayed in captivity like zoo animals. Sometimes they would even been housed with zoo animals to further emphasize how “uncivilized” or “subhuman” they were. It’s a very depressing facet of history to read about and I wanted to capture that in this piece. When you consider that zoo enclosures use to be cold, simple cages, you really wonder how those people felt being imprisoned in there all the time while onlookers sneered at them.


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