Nefertiti the Trap Queen

Nefertiti the Trap Queen

Queen Nefertiti, the consort of the infamous “Heretic” Pharaoh Akhenaten, is taking her smoke break with a nice blunt of weed. I drew the idea from the popular Fetty Wap song “Trap Queen”, which is about a drug dealer’s girlfriend and partner-in-crime (since a “trap” is a place where you deal drugs). Given how Nefertiti would have almost been Akhenaten’s partner-in-crime during his reign, he too must have thought of her fondly as his own personal “trap queen”.

And yes, the ancient Egyptians did in fact use cannabis (the marijuana plant), as indicated by numerous papyri prescribing it as medicine.

By the way, I don’t smoke anything, let alone weed. I actually consider it a turnoff most of the time. But then everyone has their personal vices, even Egyptian royalty.


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