Rejected Concept Art

Rejected Concept Art

These portraits would be unremarkable, except I drew them as concept art for the San Diego Game Jam of 2016. It’s an event where game design students get together into teams to make a little computer game over the course of 48 hours. My team chose to make their game about the growth of a cult, and we were going to let the player choose from three goddesses with distinct gameplay styles in the beginning: the Egyptian Isis, the Greek Athena, and a third goddess we never decided on.

In the end, that idea got scrapped because our leader wanted to do more abstract, fictional gods rather than drawing from historical mythologies. But he still liked the concept art I drew for Isis and Athena, and I didn’t want it to go to waste. So here it shall remain on the Internet for time immemorial.

In our initial game design, Isis was portrayed as a goddess of wisdom whose cult used peaceful methods to recruit followers, whereas Athena as a goddess of war had a more aggressive, martial approach. Of course in real mythology Athena was also a goddess of wisdom, but I thought she would stand out more in terms of gameplay if we emphasized her warlike tendencies while Isis got to be the pacifistic intellectual.


One thought on “Rejected Concept Art

  1. hobbyie

    ha ha Isis and Osiris are Yama and Yami so the skin color is right 🙂

    Yama – Black
    Yami – Black
    Varuna – Yellowish
    Shukra – White
    Indra -Reddish
    Vishnu – Bluish
    Shiva – Camphor colored
    Krishna – Bluish
    Balarama – White
    Aditi – Golden

    Indian mythology actually comes with a wide range of colors and features for gods 🙂

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