Three Goddess Doodles

Three Goddess Sketches

Each of these pencil doodles depicts a goddess from a different culture’s mythology, each accompanied by a symbol of my own design. From left to right, they are Isis from Egypt, Athena from Greece, and Nuwa from China. Although most people have heard of Isis and Athena, Nuwa isn’t so well-known, but in Chinese mythology she was the goddess who created human beings (hence why I labeled her a “goddess of creation” in my doodle).

One of the challenges when drawing these doodles was giving each goddess a skin tone that was distinct from the rest. They’re all supposed to be “women of color” with darker skin than northern Europeans, but their exact shades of color differ between them. Isis, as an African goddess, should of course be the darkest of the bunch; Athena is supposed to be a Mediterranean tan; and Nuwa is supposed to have the light brown color of a southern Chinese (since I wanted her to be darker than the “pale geisha” stereotype). I think the difference in skin tone between them would appear more obvious if I were to digitally color this sometime.


What did you think?

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