A couple of Martial Arts works


This Kushite warrior is practicing his kicking skills, much as I drew him to practice my own drawing of martial arts-inspired poses.

As far as the martial arts in ancient Kush are concerned, they are known to have had a wrestling tradition like their Egyptian brethren further down the Nile. It also seems probable that they shared with the Egyptians a tradition of stick-fighting, which is commonly practiced throughout Africa as far south as the Zulu lands of South Africa. This kicking style however is artistic speculation on my part.


It occurred to me that the distinctive Egyptian threshing flail, which is best known as part of the Pharaohs’ regalia along with the crook, might have made for a formidable nunchuck-like weapon. Imagine swinging one of two or those things in combat! You could probably knock someone’s brains out with it. Also, the mix of ancient Egyptian/Kushite culture with the martial arts is starting to grow on me.



What did you think?

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