Queen Malakaye of Kush

queen-malakaye-of-kushThis portrait is based off a silver mask belonging to “Queen” Malakaye of Kush, which dates to the reign of King Tantamani (or Tanwetamani as the Egyptians called him). I don’t know if she was actually a Queen in the sense of being Tantamani’s Great Royal Wife, but I believe his main consort was actually another woman named Piankharty (kings in ancient Kush, like their Egyptian and other African counterparts, were typically polygamous). I chose Malakaye as my subject simply because I found an image of her mask and wanted to “bring it to life”, so to speak.

I admit the likeness between my portrait and the source image isn’t exact, but Egyptian and Kushite masks tend to have quite stylized facial portraits.

Source for reference image to the left here.


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