Time for another art dump…


This would be a princess of the Yoruba, a people native to the West African country of Nigeria whose history may go back to the Nok culture around 1000 BC. They are the people who venerate the divinities known as Orishas, such as Shango and Oshun. Many of these divinities were associated with rivers and streams, so I gave her background and dress a watery color palette.
My portrait of the Zulu fertility goddess Mbaba Mwana Waresa, who presided over agriculture, rain and rainbows, and beer. She was said to live in a house made of rainbows up in the sky, and one story has her falling in love and marrying a mortal man in defiance of the other gods. Mbaba Mwana Waresa has been called the Zulu Demeter because of her similar niche in the Zulu belief system, and I put a pot on top of her head in reference to certain statues of her Greek analog (which also have her wearing some kind of bowl-like vessel).
 Apparently Stegosaurus had a longer neck than we thought, or so I’ve been recently informed. It was time that I updated my portrayal of this iconic Jurassic dinosaur.
I took an earlier sketch of two Tyrannosaurus rex play-fighting and gave it both a digital color job and a backdrop. The original sketch was modeled after a photo I saw of two young tigers engaging in the same playful behavior. I think of T. rex as essentially filling a tiger-style niche in its native Cretaceous ecosystem, so sometimes I like to give it tiger-like behaviors.
I find prehistoric humans fun to draw because their attire and way of life leave so much more to the imagination than their counterparts from recorded history. It’s almost like you can design them any way you want.

This woman’s pet is not the Smilodon, but another saber-toothed cat called the Megantereon which originated in Africa around seven million years ago before spreading to Eurasia and the Americas. I don’t know for certain if there would have been any surviving populations of Megantereon in Africa by the time anatomically modern Homo sapiens showed up 200,000 years ago, but I wanted to give her a companion that was recognizably prehistoric.

And yes, there is some inspiration from the game Far Cry: Primal here. You can even pretend that she’s a remote African ancestor of Takkar the Beastmaster if you like.

What did you think?

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