Ancient Moroccans


This man and woman come from the ancient Mauri culture that occupied the region of Morocco in northwestern Africa during Roman times. They were a Berber-speaking people who would raid the Roman provinces as far north as the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal), but part of their territory was incorporated into the Empire under the provincial name of Mauretania (not to be confused with modern Mauritania further south). Their name would later evolve into the medieval term “Moor”, and it may be related to the modern Greek word mauros for “black” or “very dark” (possibly having something to do with their dark African skin).

I don’t know for sure how the ancient Mauri would have dressed, as depictions of them that date to ancient times are hard to come by. I know I wanted something that didn’t look too Islamic or Roman though, so I went with my imagination on this one.


What did you think?

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