Nefertiti and Thutmose III


A doodle of the famous Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, who was the consort to the “heretic” Pharaoh Akhenaten.

If you’re going to do traditional drawing, I highly recommend investing in a paper tortillon (or blending stump) to make your shading and value look smoother. I’ve found that it’s done wonders for my own sketchbook drawings.


Thutmose III (1481-1425 BC) was the Pharaoh of Egypt who came after his aunt Hatshepsut. Since his military conquests (numbering at least seventeen campaigns) expanded the borders of the Egyptian empire to cover northern Syria all the way southward to the Nile’s Fourth Cataract in Sudan, he has been named the “Napoleon of ancient Egypt”.

Around the forty-sixth or forty-seventh year of his reign, he had his predecessor’s monuments and depictions destroyed or defaced for unknown reasons. Some historians think it was to ensure a smoother succession for his son Amenhotep II, since “erasing” Hatshepsut’s record would deny her surviving relatives their competing claims to the Egyptian throne. However, Thutmose built his mortuary temple right next to Hatshepsut’s, so it may not necessarily be the case that he meant any hard feelings towards his aunt.


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