Greetings from Egypt

Greetings from Egypt.jpg

These Egyptian explorers, who have docked somewhere along the southernmost coast of Africa, are offering a friendly greeting to the local San population. The San, for better or worse, don’t know what to make of these strangers from the opposite end of the continent.

This was inspired by a story related by the Greek historian Herodotus, according to which the Egyptian Pharaoh Necho II commissioned a sailing expedition that ended up circumnavigating the entire African continent. Whether or not it’s true, it’s an exciting premise for an art piece juxtaposing two different African cultures together (although in the original anecdote, the crew was of Phoenician descent).

As for the San (or Bushmen), they’re a hunter-gatherer people who are aboriginal to Africa’s southernmost extremity. Their Khoisan language is distinctive for its many click-like sounds (watch the movie The Gods Must be Crazy to get an idea what it sounds like).

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