A couple of Smilodon pieces


Quick portrait of Smilodon fatalis, the great saber-toothed cat. It wasn’t really a tiger, but it would have filled an almost equivalent niche in its Pleistocene North American domain.

When coloring the Smilodon, I prefer to give it a gray coat with white spots. That would fit a snowy Ice Age environment very well in my opinion.


Smilodon fatalis, the most famous saber-toothed cat, doesn’t know what to make of a snowman that the local Native American children have made. Is it prey, or simply a funny-looking accumulation of snow?

I don’t know if Native Americans of any era would have made snowmen, or whether that’s an exclusively Western invention. Nonetheless, I am sure Native American children would have still played with snow wherever available, and of course prehistoric people’s art wouldn’t have been limited to cave paintings like we tend to imagine.


What did you think?

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