Neolithic West African Huntress

Neolithic West African HuntressThis is a character for whom I have a background and even a storyline (almost) mapped out, but I’ve yet to choose a satisfactory name for her. She lives in West Africa circa 5000 BC, in an alternate timeline where non-avian dinosaurs never went extinct. Her people have begun settling in villages and cultivating crops, which would place them at a “Neolithic” level of technology.

As for the character herself, she’s a huntress who’s fiercely protective of her younger brother to a fault, as he’s the only family she has left since both their parents died. On the other hand, her brother craves independence and a chance to prove himself as a hunter, even if it means breaking himself free from his sister’s watch. The rest I won’t spoil in detail, but suffice to say they both find themselves in very deep trouble in this savage world of dinosaurs and tribal warfare.


What did you think?

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