Neolithic Jericho Man

Neolithic Jericho Dude

Recently the 9,500-year old skull of a man from Jericho, in what is now Israel, had forensic reconstruction techniques applied to it to show how his facial features may have looked in life (see left). I wanted to “complete” this reconstruction with a little color and dressing-up, so I drew my own version of it with colored skin, hair, and a little clothing and jewelry attached. As for the original skull, it had a plaster coating and seashells inserted into its orbits (eye holes) for unknown (but probably religious or ritualistic) reasons.

Source of original image:

Neolithic FaceTime


5 thoughts on “Neolithic Jericho Man

    1. We know now from genetic research that the lighter skin in many West Eurasian Homo sapiens populations (Europeans, Middle Easterners, and some North Africans and South Asians) is a relatively recent development that may have followed the invention of agriculture (since early agricultural diets had less Vitamin D than those of hunter-gatherers). So I reasoned that people who had only begun the agricultural project in the Fertile Crescent would have still retained darker skin. Plus, this individual’s features as portrayed in the reconstruction looked almost (stereotypically) “African” to my eyes, although I am not sure if he had any recent African ancestry.

      1. Thanks, I’ve just read the article and its very interesting. I guess that Cheddar man, at 9000 years old, was dark skinned. DNA tests have shown that his descendants still live in the area!

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