This is a doodle of an African swordswoman character, with strong Egyptian and Kushite influences in her design (the sword she’s carrying is called a khopesh). I wanted to draw a swordswoman like this after seeing the new Wonder Woman movie, but I chose to make her a character of my own creation rather than actually having her be Wonder Woman (though I am aware that, in the comics, Wonder Woman had an African twin sister named Nubia). Drawing racebent versions of established characters can be fun, but in the end you can do so much more with your own characters than someone else’s.

And this is the penciled version:

Swordswoman Pencils

The whole piece started as sketchy line art which I scanned in for digital inking and coloring, but then I returned to the original line art and shaded it in the old-fashioned way. Personally I think digital coloring tends to imbue the subject with extra life (especially if they have a lot of jewelry and patterned clothing on), but pencil shading can be a fun way to pass the time, and I really like how my characters’ skin comes out once I go over it with a blending stump.


What did you think?

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