This is a portrait of the princess Amenirdis, who was a daughter of King Kashta of Kush. After her brother Piye conquered Egypt, she served as the God’s Wife of Amun (the highest rank of priestess) between 714 and 700 BC. She was actually the first of two Kushite high priestesses to have the name Amenirdis, the second one being her niece Shepenupet’s own niece.

This is one of those portraits I started out drawing before I knew who it was going to be in the end. That happens to me quite often, actually; I’ll set out to draw a random woman before I settle on a particular theme or identity for her. However, this time I was inspired by the gorgeous South Sudanese model Nyakim Gatwech (queenkim_nyakim on Instagram), even if the resemblance between her and my portrayal of Amenirdis might not appear so obvious now.


What did you think?

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