A few Egyptian goddesses

Isis Casts a SpellIsis, who is perhaps the most famous of all the Egyptian goddesses, is casting one of her magic spells. According to Egyptian mythology, she apparently got her powers after learning the sun god Ra’s “secret name” (since the Egyptians believed learning a person’s secret name would allow you to control them magically), but for the most part she would use them for benevolent purposes such as healing and protection. This helped make Isis one of the most popular deities in the whole Egyptian pantheon in ancient times; even the Greeks and Romans would adopt her into their own religions.

Hathor II

This is another take of mine on Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of feminine love, beauty, and fertility. You can think of her as the Egyptian equivalent of the Greek Aphrodite or the Roman Venus. She’s also the goddess best known for her cow motif, although Isis could also take on a bovine form in some depictions.

The last time I drew Hathor, I thought her face came out too wonky for some reason, so I took another stab at depicting her with a somewhat “sexier” pose.

Nephthys 2007Nephthys (also known as Nebthet) was a protective goddess of the dead, nighttime, and rivers in the ancient Egyptian pantheon. She was also the sister of Isis, the wife of Set, and the mother of the jackal-masked Anubis. After Set murdered Osiris in the famous Egyptian myth of Horus, it was Nephthys who helped Isis recover Osiris’s scattered body parts (she was also Isis’s nursemaid for the infant Horus). In allusion to her role as protector of the dead, I’ve given Nephthys some linen mummy wrappings as part of her dress (e.g. her hair-wrap).

Sekhmet With Colored Pencils
This is a drawing of Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of war and violence, which I colored using a new set of colored pencils. Someone suggested that I dip my pencils into water first, and that trick seems to have smoothed out the coloring even though the pencils aren’t technically watercolor.

What did you think?

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