Map of the Great Rainforest

Map of the Great Rainforest

This is a map I created in Photoshop to go along with one of my writing projects. It’s going to be a prehistoric fantasy with dinosaurs, other prehistoric beasts, and tribal humans at a hunter-gatherer level of subsistence. You could say that it’s following the tradition of old caveman movies like One Million Years BC and When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, although there is also a dash of inspiration from more “realistic” prehistoric fiction such as Steven Barnes’s Great Sky Woman. The storyline I have planned for it is fundamentally about two sisters, one of whom runs away from their band in pursuit of a new life and the other setting out to bring her back.

I created the textures for the rainforest and savanna terrains on this map myself using photos taken from an aerial point of view.


What did you think?

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