Broad Swordswoman

Broad Swordswoman

Recently I had a dream in which I was playing Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, which was supposed to be released on Oct. 19th this year before a last-minute postponing to sometime in “early 2018”. Like most people in the Age of Empires fandom, I was unpleasantly shocked and angered by that news. But I am still excited for the game nonetheless, so I let my dream inspire this fan portrayal of the original game’s Broad Swordsman unit.
Of course, I couldn’t resist a little race- and gender-bending, as the original Age was something of a melanin-challenged sausage fest as far as the unit graphics were concerned (though to be fair, all its playable civilizations were from the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and East Asian regions).

What did you think?

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