Girl of the Garamantes

Girl of the GaramantesThis is a lovely young female specimen of the Garamantes, a (presumably) Berber-speaking people whose civilization spread across the desert of modern-day Libya in ancient times. They had horse-drawn chariots, irrigated agriculture for their cities, and a history of both trade and conflict with the Roman Empire. Much like the kingdoms of Egypt and Kush along the Nile, the Garamantes would have acted as a commercial intermediary between the Mediterranean and sub-Saharan regions. Their civilization seems to have fallen as a result of Vandal conquests in North Africa and a drop in the local groundwater that fed their crops.

I couldn’t find a ton of sources on how Garamantes women would have looked or dressed, so I let my imagination fill in the blanks with this character’s look. However, her tattoos and face paint are inspired by those of modern Tuareg people who roam the Sahara today.



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