Tacfarinas of the Musulamii

Tacfarinas of the Musulamii

Tacfarinas (d. 24 AD) was a leader of the Musulamii people, who lived as nomads in the Algerian Sahara south of the Roman imperial provinces of Numidia and Mauretania. Although once an auxiliary fighter for the Romans, he abandoned this position to lead his people in a rebellion against his former masters. His forces were able to harry the Roman legions before a final defeat in 24 AD, after which he committed suicide.

As for how Tacfarinas would have looked, I couldn’t find any sculptures or other images of him dating to his time, so again I let my imagination fill in those blanks. That’s one of the fun things about drawing historical individuals as obscure as this dude; you have a lot more creative leeway in reconstructing their likenesses.


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