Khalida of Lybaras, from Warhammer

Khalida of Lybaras

Khalida, High Queen of Lybaras, stands in the desert of Nehekhara, armed with her serpentine Venom Staff of Asaph. She’s a character from the Warhammer universe created by Games Workshop, and one of four faction leaders introduced in the recently released Tomb Kings DLC for the game Total War: Warhammer II.
Although I’ve drawn Khalida here in the prime of her life, she and all the other people of Nehekhara are fated to become the undead Tomb Kings, who are essentially a whole army of angry Egyptian-style mummies and skeletal warriors. They, after the dinosaur-riding Lizardmen, are probably my favorite “race” in the whole Warhammer universe.

One thought on “Khalida of Lybaras, from Warhammer

  1. You are extremely talented. Have you thought of doing a color book or coloring sheets?

    I am apart of a community program And I am always teaching adults and children our rich history is great in many civilizations outside of Egypt. It would bet great to communicate that teaching with coloring pages for them.

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