Bastet the Feline Goddess

Bastet Smiles

Although the Egyptian goddess Bastet (or Bast) is best known for her domestic cat motif, she seems to have begun as a fearsome lion goddess like Sekhmet. Over time, her image softened up so that she became goddess of the home and domesticity (though she still had a protective role against evil spirits). For this portrait of her, I went with a black panther motif in reference to a recent superhero movie I saw (and enjoyed quite a lot).
UPDATE 2/17/18:
Bastet Colorized
This is the “colorized” version of my doodle of the Egyptian goddess Bastet. When you colorize pencil art this way in Photoshop (by drawing the colors on a layer with the “Color” blending mode over the original drawing), it makes it look almost like art created using colored pencils.

What did you think?

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