Nefertari Admires Her Capital

Nefertari Admires Her Capital

Nefertari, the Egyptian Queen who was the primary wife of Pharaoh Ramses II, admires the view of her kingdom’s royal capital from a high veranda. During the reign of her husband, Egypt’s capital would have been located in the city of Per-Ramesu (or Pi-Ramesses), near the modern city of Qantir in northeastern Egypt. In earlier dynasties, the Egyptian capital would have been located further up the Nile in places like Men-Nefer/Memphis (near Cairo) and Waset/Thebes (modern Luxor). It tended to shift location over the country’s long history (the same was also true of Egypt’s southern rival Kush).

Queen Nefertari might be hard to recognize from this angle without her distinctive vulture crown on, but surely both the Pharaohs and their consorts must have taken their headdresses off when outside the public view. I’ve never been a monarch myself, but I bet crowns are never comfortable to wear.


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