The Pharaoh and the Oryx

The Pharaoh and the Oryx

This Egyptian Pharaoh is resting beside her pet scimitar-horned oryx. The scimitar oryx is an antelope of the oryx genus that is considered extinct in the wild today, but used to roam the deserts of northern Africa and was known to the ancient Egyptians. Its markings appear browner and less contrasting than the other oryx species, such as the Arabian, East African, and southern gemsbok ones.

A few weeks ago, my therapist suggested that I draw more “safari animals” to go with all the African characters I draw. I think he has a good point. I particularly fancy the idea of drawing African wildlife alongside Egyptians since Egypt being a civilization native to the continent of Africa is a big theme of my work (in case you haven’t noticed already).


What did you think?

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