Ancient Hebrews

Ancient HebrewsThis man and woman would represent the Semitic-speaking inhabitants of Palestine known as the ancient Hebrews (or Israelites), who would later found the kingdom of Israel and lay the foundations for the modern Abrahamic religions. I have based these people’s clothing off a depiction of Palestinian migrants on a Middle Kingdom Egyptian tomb in Beni Hasan, wherein they are portrayed as tan-skinned and wearing sleeveless red-and-white tunics.

Although archaeological evidence for the Biblical Exodus outside the Bible has been hard to come back, we know from the New Kingdom stelae of Merneptah (1213-1203 BC) that the kingdom of Israel was among the foreign enemies Egypt would have fought. Very likely, some of them would have been captured and enslaved during these military campaigns, as was custom throughout the ancient world.

The necklace with the star of David on its centerpiece is speculative, but I needed to identify these people as the ancestors of the early Jews somehow.


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