Herwennefer the Egyptian Rebel

Herwennefer the Egyptian RebelHerwennefer (also known as Hugronaphor or Haronnophris) was an Egyptian native who led the Upper (southern) Egyptian provinces in a revolt of secession against the ruling Ptolemaic Dynasty, starting in 205 BC. He and his successor Ankhwennefer (alternately Ankhmatis) together were able to hold Upper Egypt until 186 BC, when their efforts would have been crushed by Ptolemy V. Since the Greco-Macedonian citizens of Ptolemaic Egypt would have enjoyed a privileged status over the overtaxed natives, it’s easy to see why the Egyptian masses would have been enthusiastic about Herwennefer and co.’s movement of anti-colonial liberation.

Some sources claim Herwennefer would have been of Kushite (i.e. Sudanese) ethnic heritage, but I chose to color him as a native Egyptian with a little Greek or Middle Eastern ancestry (hence why he’s a bit lighter-skinned than most of my other Egyptian characters). And yes, I did want him to look a little bit like the actor Michael B. Jordan, especially with the hairstyle.


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