The People of Ta’Sutja

People of Ta'Sutja

I’ve gone back to working on my fantasy novel with Queen Rashekhu (excerpt here), and I want to do a little bit of world-building for the story while I write.

These two represent the people of Ta’Sutja, the ethnic group from whom my protagonist Rashekhu hails. Their civilization is not actually a singular nation-state, but rather divided into a bunch of small competing kingdoms (e.g. Djakhem and Nekhubta) in a vast jungle basin where dinosaurs and other prehistoric reptiles roam wild. Their religion is polytheistic, but each kingdom venerates a different dinosaur as its totemic patron (for instance, Djakhem venerates the Tyrannosaurus and Nekhubta the Ankylosaurus). For the most part, the culture of all the Ta’Sutjan kingdoms is a mixture of influences from ancient Egypt and various Central African cultures.

By the way, those dots, dashes, and squiggly lines on these two individuals’ skin are scarifications, their way of beautifying themselves.


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