Rexy from Jurassic Park

Rexy from Jurassic ParkThis is my interpretation of the female Tyrannosaurus rex named “Rexy” (or alternatively “Roberta”), who starred in the first and fourth Jurassic Park films. As a lifelong Jurassic Park/World fan, I’ve lately been feeling a bit worn down by all the negativity I’ve seen aimed towards the franchise, particularly in the paleontology fandom. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on the movies, but personally, I liked JW a great deal and hope the Fallen Kingdom sequel will be fun as well.

That said, I couldn’t resist “redesigning” a few aspects of Rexy’s anatomy to better fit modern scientific knowledge about tyrannosaurids. I don’t expect the JP/JW dinosaurs to ever be accurate without a total reboot of the series, but it’s still nice to imagine how they would look if they did get a design update.


What did you think?

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