Bernice and Horace

Bernice and Horace

I wanted to flesh out Bernice Smith, my Tuskegee Airwoman character, a bit more by drawing her with her boyfriend Horace Thompson. Horace, a professor of paleontology at the University of Pennsylvania, is actually the more brash and adventurous of the pair, in contrast to the naturally shy and reserved Bernice. In fact, the reason Bernice pursues an aviation career at the first place is to impress Horace, who would like her to show more boldness and take more risks. Little could either of them anticipate exactly what dangers she would find herself confronting…

By the way, while a pairing like this might seem unlikely for the 1940s, Horace’s home state of Pennsylvania is one of few in the US that had repealed its anti-miscegenation laws before 1887 (most of the rest of the country would only catch up between 1948 and 1967).


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