Bernice Smith the Tuskegee Airwoman

Bernice Smith the Tuskegee Airwoman

The drawing you see here came illustrates a little story idea I developed about an African-American aviatrix named Bernice Smith, who would serve as one of the Tuskegee Airmen in WWII. Inspired by real-life early female pilots like Bessie Coleman and Amelia Earhart, Bernice was going to crash-land into this lost continent of dinosaurs and other prehistoric wildlife somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. And much like Earhart, she would have to survive as a castaway in this hostile environment while awaiting her rescue.

It might end up a bit of a silly throwaway idea (I’m not even sure there were female pilots among the Tuskegee Airmen), but I still wanted to get it out somehow.


What did you think?

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