ZBrush Tyrannosaurus

ZBrush Tyrannosaurus

Now that I’ve gone back to modeling with ZBrush, I had to do my favorite animal of all time sooner or later. Actually this project got started a few months back, but I kept putting off its completion because I wasn’t sure how to do all the teeth. Turned out inserting one tooth (made from a cylinder mesh) and then moving it with the Transpose tool while holding the Ctrl button did the trick of copying it across the mouth just fine.

ZBrush Stegosaurus

ZBrush Stegosaurus

I couldn’t let my ZBrush skills rust from prolonged disuse, so here’s a simple Stegosaurus I doodled with it. Most of the time this dinosaur is portrayed with alternating rows of plates rather the symmetrical double row I went with, but I recently read somewhere that one species of Stegosaurus (S. ungulatus) actually did have at least one symmetrical pair of plates, so maybe this isn’t a real inaccuracy on my part.

ZBrush Triceratops

ZBrush Triceratops

Lately I’ve been looking into a career as an independent game designer, so I decided to scrape the rust off my ZBrush skills by making this Triceratops. He might end up a game character.

As of early morning in 6/23/15 it still needs detail and coloring (I’ve downloaded a few special alphas from the ZBrush site that would let me “paint” scales into the hide), but I am proud of what I’ve accomplished so far.

UPDATE 6/23/15: Now colored and textured!

ZBrush Triceratops 2

Mick Hancock, ZBrush Style

Reward for Mick Hancock

For our final assignment in my ZBrush class this semester, we have to make “self-portraits” of ourselves, but with the theme of either Western, science fiction, or Pixar movies. Choosing the Western theme, I chose my own original character Mick Hancock as my subject (since he was always supposed to look like a leaner, brawnier version of myself anyway). Since his backstory is that he’s a Texas Ranger who left his state and country for South Africa, I decided an Old Western-style Wanted poster would suit the assignment well.

I know certain language used in this poster is…symptomatic of attitudes prevalent in the Anglophone world throughout the 19th century, but then it is the bad guys from Mick’s story who would have drafted this.

(As an aside, President Custer Davis is another fictional character from my own imagination. As you can guess, his name is a portmanteau of Jefferson Davis and George Armstrong Custer to sum up his general character. In real history, the President of the United States during 1878 would have been a Republican named Rutherford B. Hayes.)

Here’s another, more colorful portrait of ZBrush Mick Hancock, with his girlfriend Nothembi in the background:

ZBrush Mick Hancock's Face

ZBrush Andromeda Assignment

Zbrush Andromeda Assignment

This was another homework assignment I just turned in for my ZBrush class. We were supposed to design an original character that could fit into an existing movie, or what you might call a “fan character”. I chose Andromeda, the Nubian princess who married Perseus in Greek mythology, as the basis for my character, and I set out to give her design a “Disney Hercules” influence. The render’s background is of course a screencap from the movie’s very first scene with Charlton Heston’s brief narration.

Egyptian Scorpion Queen

Egyptian Scorpion Queen

This was an assignment for my ZBrush class, which had us make a creature based off an insect (or some other arthropod). I elected for an Egyptian Scorpion Queen, like a female version of Dwayne Johnson’s Scorpion King monster from The Mummy Returns. I am so glad to have this finished once and for all, but it was a blast to design.

Autodesk Maya Experiments

Some furniture and other artifacts I made for an Autodesk Maya class I am taking at Mira Costa college. For this specific exercise I went with a vaguely Egyptian theme



The weapons on display here are a spear, a shield (if textured, this would be made out of cowhide like historical Egyptian shields), and a sickle-like khopesh sword. The curved headrest at the end of the bed would have functioned like a pillow and was traditionally used by ancient Egyptian and sub-Saharan African people. I don’t know how comfortable it would have felt, though apparently it helped with protecting the users’ hairstyles.


The table’s legs, like those of the bed, are supposed to resemble lion paws. This was characteristic of real Egyptian furniture. The drum’s form is of course based on a traditional African desig

No Egyptian tomb would be complete without a giant sarcaophagus to stuff the mummy in

This three-legged stool was based on a craftsman’s seat found in an Egyptian workers’ village near modern Luxor.