Neith, the Egyptian Hunting Goddess

Neith the Egyptian Hunting Goddess

This is my interpretation of Neith, an ancient Egyptian goddess of hunting and war as well as weaving. You could say she was an Egyptian analog to the Greek Athena and Artemis rolled into one being. Indeed, a few scholars such as Martin Bernal have suggested that Neith inspired the Greek myths about Athena, especially since Athena was sometimes said to have been born on the African continent (which the Greeks called “Libya”). I do not know if this is the scholarly consensus though.

As a goddess, Neith was commonly associated with the northern part of Egypt (called Lower Egypt since it was further down the Nile than the south), which is why I have colored her with slightly lighter skin than my other Egyptian characters (since northern Egyptians would have presumably intermixed more with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean people compared with their southern compatriots). However, she did have a cult center in what is now Esna in Upper Egypt, south of Luxor.


Egyptian Hut

Egyptian Hut

This would be a simple sketchbook doodle of an ancient Egyptian commoner’s hut as seen from a bird’s eye perspective. It kinda looks like something you would see in an old-school real-time strategy game, which was my intention.

Logo Design for “Pizza Pharaoh”

Pizza Pharaoh Logo Design

It occurred to me that the traditional Egyptian bread, which is flat in shape, resembles a Western-style pizza crust without any cheese or other toppings on it. In which case, why doesn’t someone out there (who would presumably possess way more money and business acumen than I do) open a pizza chain using Egyptian-style bread as the crust? They could call the chain “Pizza Pharaoh” and use a logo like the one I have designed here. Heck, they could even theme the restaurants using Egyptian architecture and artifacts. I’d certainly eat at a place like that!

Disney’s Tarzan-Style Egyptians


I watched a recorded episode of the old Disney cartoon series “The Legend of Tarzan” (a spin-off of their Tarzan movie) and I wanted to draw a couple of Egyptian characters in the style of the show’s African characters. If you want to look it up on Youtube, the episode’s title is “Tarzan and the Eagle’s Feather”, and it’s about Tarzan helping an African prince named Basuli obtain an eagle’s feather as part of a marriage rite. Of course, Basuli’s love interest is quite attractively designed in my humble opinion.

UPDATE: Colored version is below.

Tarzan-Style Egyptians_Colored

Ma’at Weighs the Scales

Maat Weighs the Scales

Ma’at, the Egyptian personification of truth and justice, holds a scale balancing a feather against a human heart. The Egyptians believed that, if the feather outweighed the heart of a deceased person after they recounted the rights and wrongs they had committed in life, they would be proven truthful and so go on to enjoy the afterlife. If they lied, the heart would outweigh the feather and so would be eaten by the crocodile-headed monster Ammut while the deceased spirit perished for eternity.

Sekhmet Wades

Sekhmet Wades

Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of war, wades through the blood of her enemies with the flames of her destructive wrath blazing behind her.

The biggest challenge with this piece was placing the shading, since the light source was coming from behind the character rather than shining onto one side. In the end I figured that, since the light would be “flowing” past her one both sides, the highlighted areas would be on the sides while the shaded areas would be in the middle. It’s quite a different look from what I’m used to, but I suppose that’s good for artistic variety.