Pharaoh’s Mistress Walks In

Pharaoh's Mistress Walks In

This young Egyptian beauty, whom no man other than Pharaoh himself may touch, saunters through the palace during a balmy evening. This character is inspired by the “Pharaoh’s Mistress” Anck-su-namun from the first two Mummy movies, who was Imhotep’s lover and partner-in-crime in his big power grab. In fact, the gold/orange tint you see here (achieved through a lowered-opacity Overlay layer in Clip Studio Paint) is meant to emulate the lighting in the first movie’s opening scene. It took trial and error to figure it out and I still don’t think I have it right.

Hi-Tech Egyptian Warrior

Hi-Tech Egyptian Warrior

This is a futuristic upgrade for my Egyptian warrior princess Nubkhas. She got her start as a character from ancient times (specifically the year 1990 BC), but then I entertained the possibility of changing her setting to a more hi-tech one (albeit retaining her ancient Egyptian cultural influences). As you can see, I’m still undecided on exactly what I want to do with her.

But if nothing else, I rather like this concept of an Egyptian warrior princess from the future.

Hypatia of Alexandria

Hypatia of Alexandria.jpg

Hypatia V2

Hypatia of Alexandria (370-415 AD) was a female philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer who worked and lectured at the University of Alexandria in Roman-controlled Egypt. Despite the gender prejudice that prevailed during her time, she nonetheless won respect as a brilliant academic by her contemporaries as well as later historians. Unfortunately this did not save her from the wrath of fanatical Christian monks who had her dragged by her chariot down the street, stripped naked, beaten to death, and then burned. These same radicals would then proceed to burn down her university and then drive out the city’s artists and intellectuals. It was a tragic end for both a woman of Hypatia’s intellect and the institution she represented.

This isn’t the first time I’ve drawn Hypatia of Alexandria of course, but I took another stab at it since looking at my previous effort now embarrasses me.

Nubkhas the Egyptian Mercenary Princess

Nubkhas the Mercenary Princess

Nubkhas got her start as a princess of Egypt, daughter of Pharaoh Mentuhotep IV of the 11th dynasty (that’s during the Middle Kingdom period). However, after the treacherous vizier Amenemhat deposed her father in a bloody coup, Nubkhas fled the country and has since lived her life as a traveling mercenary and adventurer. She’s a skilled martial artist, hunter, and diplomat as a result of her royal education, but she retains a fierce and haughty spirit worthy of an Egyptian princess.

Hair Protection for Nubkhas

In my previous drawing I had Nubkhas’s hair all grown out after years of life outside the comfort of her palace (the usual practice of Egyptian nobility was to shave their heads and wear wigs). But then it occurred to me that an African woman wandering across the ancient world would probably have to deal with all kinds of curious foreigners trying to touch her tightly curled hair. As a precaution against this unwanted hair molestation, Nubkhas wears this headwrap whenever she’s in a big city (outside of Africa itself, of course).

Aida and Radames

Aida and Radames

Aida, a fictional princess of Kush (pictured left), is the titular protagonist of an opera composed by the 19th century composer Giuseppe Verdi. In the opera an Egyptian warrior name Radames (right) captures her in one of the many wars between Egypt and Kush, but nonetheless they fall in love even as Aida’s people plot a rebellion against Egypt and the Pharaoh’s daughter has her own eyes on Radames. It’s almost like an Egyptian take on Romeo and Juliet hybridized with a love triangle and Stockholm Syndrome. Oddly enough, not even the latter aspect prevented the opera from being adapted into a Disney musical in the modern day.

Ahmanet Attacks

Ahmanet Attacks

This is my interpretation of Ahmanet, the mummified Egyptian princess who’s going to be the titular monster in the upcoming Mummy reboot (the one with Tom Cruise). Originally I thought she was going to be Mesopotamian since certain sources said the reboot would place her in Iraq (another name for the Mesopotamian region), but one of the more recent trailers indicates she’ll be ancient Egyptian after all. But then, I’m not aware of Mesopotamians mummifying their dead the way Egyptians did.