Y’all Got No Idea


“So you tellin’ me I’m a timeless symbol of ancient beauty? Y’all got NO idea…”

I started out simply wanting to draw Nefertiti again, but then decided to throw in a comical caption as a way to take up composition space. Considering how Western audiences have tended to declare Nefertiti an icon of ancient and timeless beauty based on a weathered old bust of her which is missing the pupil of one eye, she might have been a bit amused.

Neighbors at the Museum


Ever wondered why natural history museums often display ancient Egyptian material (and maybe stuff from other ancient civilizations)? I thought natural history was supposed to cover studies of the natural world (e.g. paleontology, zoology, geology, etc.), not man-made stuff like what the Egyptians produced. But then, I guess it’s more convenient for people like me who like both Egyptian and prehistoric stuff. You get to visit both worlds within a few hallways!

How Homer Got Started


It is a little known fact that before he got into writing epic poetry, Homer would try to woo the Egyptian maidens with his rhyming skills.

In all seriousness, Homer is so enigmatic a figure that he may as well be as mythical as Achilles, Odysseus, and other characters from his epic works. We don’t even know for sure when if he was born, if ever.

UPDATE: Finally Homer has something to say!

Nefertiti the Trap Queen

Nefertiti the Trap Queen

Queen Nefertiti, the consort of the infamous “Heretic” Pharaoh Akhenaten, is taking her smoke break with a nice blunt of weed. I drew the idea from the popular Fetty Wap song “Trap Queen”, which is about a drug dealer’s girlfriend and partner-in-crime (since a “trap” is a place where you deal drugs). Given how Nefertiti would have almost been Akhenaten’s partner-in-crime during his reign, he too must have thought of her fondly as his own personal “trap queen”.

And yes, the ancient Egyptians did in fact use cannabis (the marijuana plant), as indicated by numerous papyri prescribing it as medicine.

By the way, I don’t smoke anything, let alone weed. I actually consider it a turnoff most of the time. But then everyone has their personal vices, even Egyptian royalty.

A Naughty Look

A Naughty Look

Doodle of a little Egyptian boy with his toy soldiers, looking either mischievous or annoyed with his elders. This was inspired by a photo of the (now deceased) child actor Gary Coleman, which a Facebook comrade of mine was using as his profile pic. I thought the image was so adorable that I had to draw an Egyptianized version of it!

Ikaba the Jungle Queen

Ikaba the Jungle Queen.png

I recently received a creative writing assignment to write a mock pilot treatment for a TV show. I’ve decided I wanted to make it a cartoon aimed at girls under age 12 and have it star a courageous warrior queen from a jungle civilization, and this is my concept art for the protagonist in question. It’s my feeling that too much merchandise aimed at girls centers on princesses and their more “mundane” activities rather than women with actual power and strength. Plus little girls deserve to have action-packed adventure stories targeted at them too.

The character’s name is Ikaba, Queen of Mayombi, and as of now have already written that pilot treatment that includes information on the characters, setting, and a hypothetical first episode’s summary. To quote from it:

“[Ikaba] is the twentysomething Queen of Mayombi, having inherited the throne from her departed mother Mwala. She venerates her mother’s spirit as a role model and a source of guidance for her burdensome responsibility; she wants more than anything else to follow in her mother’s footsteps as Queen. On the other hand, she finds the day-to-day running of the kingdom and its bureaucracy to be tedious at best, and she would much rather hunt or go on adventures in the jungle with her younger brother Kengo.”

Old Momma Rexy

Old Momma Rexy

Ever since Jurassic World closed much like its predecessor, the aged tyrannosaur “Rexy” has retired from the theme park business and taken up a new career in knitting. I’m tempted to call her enterprise “Jurassic Wool”, except goat hair would make a more fitting material for her to work with. 😉

Considering Rexy is pretty much the old lady of Isla Nublar, the mental image of her knitting begged to be drawn.

Rexy the Tyrannosaurus rex (c) Universal Studios

Santa X Kwanzaa Nana

Santa X Nana

Santa Claus could improve his pick-up techniques, but Kwanzaa Nana can’t deny his charm anyway. As to what “special presents” he has in mind for her, I shall leave that to your imagination.

Kwanzaa Nana is a personification of Kwanzaa created by my Facebook friend Ama Karikari-Yawson. I like to think she and Santa really do have a thing going on with each other. But then where does Hanukkah fit in?