Wrath of Justice

Wrath of Justice

It’s the week of Halloween, so horror is in. But for this, I wanted to depict a monster that was scary and yet actually just and benevolent. So I went with a monster that would focus its wrath on the world’s evil-doers on behalf of their victims. Think of it as a spirit of justice or righteous vengeance, something we all wish actually existed in this world.

INKTOBER Imperial Officer

INKTOBER Imperial Officer

So Inktober 2015 will wrap up later this week, and it appears I didn’t make the best use of that time when it came to the challenge. Oh well, at least I got an opportunity to have some fun with grayscale markers.

This guy is supposed to be a high-ranking officer for some aggressive desert empire. His design draws influence from ancient Greek, Roman, and Mesopotamian (particularly Assyrian) cultures. And given the Assyrians’ penchant for war crimes and total obliteration of their enemies, I think they would make a fitting influence for an evil militaristic empire.

INKTOBER Battling Over Banteng

Battling Over Banteng

On a jungle-swathed island somewhere between Southeast Asia and Australasia, this tiger (Panthera tigris) is defending its banteng beef from a pair of uppity Thylacoleo.

Thylacoleo carnifex is an extinct species of predatory marsupial from Australia known as the “marsupial lion” due to its superficially feline appearance. On the other hand the banteng (Bos javanicus) they’re fighting over is a species of wild cattle native to Southeast Asia. If this encounter between Asian and Australasian fauna ever took place, it would probably occur in the region known as “Wallacea” (after the naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace) that lies between the two continents.

INKTOBER Strangers


Deep in the forests of North America, an expedition of Egyptian explorers has attracted the locals’ curiosity.

This was inspired by the classic “fringe” speculation that ancient Egyptians or other Africans had colonized the New World before Europeans did. As much as I like the idea of interaction between Africans and pre-Columbian Native Americans, I don’t like how many of the people claiming it then go on to suggest that Africans were directly responsible for Native American civilizations like the Olmecs or Maya. It sounds a bit racist, akin to the Eurocentric tradition of attributing any and all African civilizations to Arabs, Phoenicians, or some other “Mediterranean Caucasoids”. As Neil deGrasse Tyson once said, clever people come in all colors.

INKTOBER Egyptian Squats

Egyptian Squats

Regular exercise is essential to the development and maintenance of quality glutes, as this Egyptian lady recognizes.

Whether or not the ancient Egyptians ever did this exercise (this is artistic speculation on my part), we do know the women gave birth while squatting on two bricks. On the other hand, I had to make up the design for those weights she’s lifting while she squats.

INKTOBER Treat for Tarbosaurus

Treat for Tarbosaurus

Even apex predators like Tarbosaurus bataar (an Asian cousin of Tyrannosaurus rex) enjoy sweet treats every now and then. But in an age millions of years before processed fruit, honey fresh from the hive will have to do. Just don’t disturb the resident bees too much.

Though bees as an insect family go back to the Early Cretaceous alongside the first flowering plants, the kind that produce honey are native to the Old World and would be introduced the Americas following European colonization. Therefore, while I think tyrannosaurids could have very well plundered beehives (which are animal products after all), they would have probably all been Asian species like Tarbosaurus rather than the North American Tyrannosaurus.

Though I’m submitting the line art here as Inktober, I’d like to color this after the month ends.

INKTOBER Spartan Warlord

INKTOBER Spartan Warlord

So October has become the national month for inked line art, or “Inktober”. Normally I ink art with the expectiation that I’ll scan and color it in Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint, but just doing the inking might save me some time. On the other hand, it would mean more investment into the inking work itself, but that’s a challenge I’m willing to surmount.

This dude is supposed to be some kind of tyrannical king or warlord from ancient Sparta, by reputation the most warlike of the Greek city-states. I wanted him to have a Vin Diesel/Randy Couture resemblance, like the villain from one of those (lousy) Scorpion King sequels. Though I suppose you could say he also looks like Kratos from the God of War games.