African Egyptians Mod for Civilization VI


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So this is the little project I’ve been working on the past couple of days. It’s a simple mod for the game Civilization VI which modifies the representation of the Egyptian civilization to have an indigenous African appearance, as opposed to the Mediterranean/Middle Eastern look assigned to them originally. Since the game’s official modding tools still haven’t come out yet (they were supposed to come “soon after” the October 21 release last year), I had to edit the files manually. It was painstaking work to even figure out how to do it, but I am satisfied with my progress so far.


Libyan Amazons for Total War: Rome II

Download from Steam here if you have the game Total War: Rome II.

This mod adds a unit of African female archers to the Carthaginian roster. They were inspired by Greek traditions of Amazon-like female warriors residing in Libya (which for them meant all of the African continent west of the Nile Valley). The classical historian Diodoros Siculus provides a rather fanciful account on how the Libyan Amazons, under the leadership of Queen Myrina, once carved out a vast empire straddling northern Africa and the Middle East, reaching as far north as Asia Minor (modern Turkey). Whether or not such matriarchal warrior societies ever existed in Wets Africa during the Greco-Roman time frame, we do know that the West African region would produce a number of female warriors in later ages, most famously the Mino of Dahomey.

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Historically Accurate Egyptians for Total War: Rome 2

Historically Accurate Egyptians Mod

RTW2 Egyptians AttackThis mod is for the historical strategy game Total War: Rome 2. This modifies the appearance of the Ptolemaic faction’s indigenous Egyptian soldiers (not to be confused with Greek or Galatian immigrants) so that they have less armor just like historical Egyptian soldiers (reference here). Now they can run around more comfortably under the scorching hot sun of North Africa! If you have the game and a Steam client, you can download my mod here.