Showdown with a Shark

Showdown with a Shark

This woman is either going to swim home with some very large fish sticks, or she’ll end up a bite-sized meal for the Megalodon shark (Carcharodon/Carcharocles/Otodus/etc. megalodon) she’s facing up against.

I should have probably drawn the Megalodon bigger in comparison to the girl, but perhaps it is a juvenile of the species.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Moon Girl and Devil DinosaurThis is my interpretation of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur from Marvel Comics. When their comic came out a couple of years back, I remember liking the idea of a female protagonist of color joining forces with a Tyrannosaurus rex, but wasn’t so crazy about taking Devil Dinosaur out of his native jungle and dropping him into modern times. So for my take on the duo, I decided to make Moon Girl a prehistoric/tribal twentysomething instead of the modern-day nerdy kid portrayed in the comics. Or, this could be her once she gets older and decides to move with Devil back to his original habitat.

Dual-Wielding Jump

Dual-Wielding JumpThis Paleolithic warrior babe is springing into battle with spear in one hand and knife in the other. It’s a prehistoric antecedent to dual-wielding, if you will. I dunno how practical it would be in an actual battle, but at least it looks cool.

Early Homo sapiens

Early Homo sapiens

This is a couple of early Homo sapiens, or anatomically modern humans, representing how the species might have appeared between 300-100,000 years ago. They would have emerged in Africa before dispersing throughout the rest of the habitable world between 100-70,000 years ago. Of course, all humans living today belong to this species, although those humans living outside of Africa appear to carry trace amounts of ancestry assimilated from other hominins (e.g. Neanderthals and Denisovans).



Exactly when human ancestors began to use fire remains uncertain, but it probably began with Homo erectus somewhere in Africa around a million years ago. Some paleoanthropologists, most notably Richard Wrangham, believe that the ability to cook with fire allowed humans to consume and digest more of the food (especially meat) they needed to fuel their growing brains—hence humanity’s distinctive ingenuity. For whomever it was who first tamed and made fire, we might have to credit them with jump-starting the evolution of who were are.

Lady of the Two Lands

Lady of the Two Lands

Hatshepsut, the mighty Pharaoh of Upper and Lower Egypt, stands with pride as she admires the accomplishments of her ancient civilization. One of the many titles that Pharaohs went by is “Lord of the Two Lands” in reference to the regions of Upper and Lower Egypt (or southern and northern Egypt respectively, since Upper Egypt is further up the Nile’s course).

It’s been a while since I last drew Hatshepsut, but she is perhaps my favorite Pharaoh in all Egyptian history. Certainly she’s the most fun to draw. 😀

Swamp Hunt

Swamp Hunt

Armed with a bone harpoon and flint knife, this prehistoric huntress is wading through a misty tropical swamp in search of her next meal. Things she’ll have to watch out for would include crocodiles, giant snakes, schools of carnivorous fish, and (if she’s real unlucky) maybe a grumpy spinosaur.

Egyptian in a Tree

Egyptian in a Tree

A young Egyptian girl enjoys the natural calm beside the Nile on the bough of a sycamore fig tree. Native to the Nile Valley and the African tropics, the sycamore fig tree (Ficus sycomorus) was a sacred tree to the Egyptians, who referred to it as the “Tree of Life” and would make their coffins out of its wood. Even in modern Egypt, the sycamore fig is associated with the family of Jesus Christ since they sheltered under one after fleeing to Egypt.

Neighborhood Stroll

Neighborhood Stroll

This huntress is taking a stroll through her neighborhood, with her hunting spear in hand and a machete on her thigh. Hey, if you lived in a jungle where dinosaurs roamed wild, you’d opt for open-carry too.

The dinosaurs in the background are a Triceratops and a generic microraptorine (the flying bird-like one).